Roof Services in Derry/Londonderry & Surrounding Area

At WJV Property Services we are specialists in all aspects of exterior property maintenance.
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Roof maintenance specialists

Whether it is a preventative step – like a Roof Clean or inspection to address issues before they become a problem – or an unforeseen situation needing repair work, we can help. Having served both home and business owners across the North West, we are proud of the reputation WJV Property Services now holds – one of professionalism and reliability.

Roof Cleaning

While it's an easy overlooked part of any building, a home or business is only as secure as its roof. Moss growing on a roof directly correlates with its deterioration, reducing longevity. It retains an abundance of rainwater which
adds weight and also increases the porosity of the roof tiles. Furthermore this increase in porosity due to the plant attaching itself to the surface creates an increased likelihood of water permeating through. Come winter the water will freeze and eventually lead to cracked tiles and can cause underlying timber to enviably rot.

What we Do

In a two stage process we firstly clean your roof using specialist roof cleaning tools that are profiled to identically match any roof tile, which scrapes away the dense active growth on the surface. This is then followed up with a specialist biocide treatment (Non-Acidic) which we apply directly to the roof to actively kill all spores and furthermore prevent regrowth for a period of up to five years.

Dry Verge Installation

A dry verge system is an essential finishing step to protect the verges of a roof from water damage. Dry Verge is a modern alternative to the traditional 'wet verge', which used mortar. Offering a host of benefits – more durable, less ongoing maintenance and more aesthetically pleasing – your WJV Property Services team can install a lasting Dry Verge System for your roof.

Gutter / Fascia / Soffit

Gutters are designed to collect and divert rainwater away from your property. We can clear and repair these and can access hard to reach areas up to Four storeys high with our specialised Gutter Vac. We also offer chemical cleaning of uPVC plastics to leave your fascia and soffits glistening for the perfect finished touch.

This is just a brief list of the Roof Services that we provide at WJV Property Services. Whatever your job, contact us today to discuss your needs and book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Roof Services in Derry/Londonderry & Surrounding Area

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